Sketch in plaster, warehouse in the Museo do Pobo Galego

The government of the province of Pontevedra orders and defrays this work for to give to Eva Perón in memento and gratitude of his visit to Spain. It will be delivered by the President of the House of Galicia in Buenos Aires, Don Agustín Blanco born in Pontevedra.

The traditional model appears in Valencia. She's the patron saint of the city of Valencia and Community Valencian, therefore she's one of the seven patron saints of the Communities of Spain. This Virgin appears with a madonna lily in one hand and the infant Jesus with the cross in his arms. The image is characterized by a slight inclination forwards, that's why the image is known affectionately in Valencia like the Geperudeta (The hunchback).

Asorey changes slightly the iconography giving a sense of union to the homeland, Galicia.

The work depicts the figure of Mary with Child on a pedestal decorated with heraldic motifs of Argentina, rays of sunshine. Distinctly triangular outline. The Virgin is semi-sitting and of front, perhaps she's like the throne of the child, with arms forward as mediator to Jesus. The Child is blessing on the knees of his mother, his attitude is loving and he's filled of symbols: his silhouette is a cross and feet crossed as a Christ crucified.

Both figures are united through the fabrics, in which appears the anagram of the Virgin (M). The cape of the Virgin recalls the liturgical layers.

It represents the emigrant nation and the woman to the care of the children.

Eva Perón is very grateful to Asorey and invites to him to visit Buenos Aires, but the artist will not travel for being the long and heavy trip.