Cemetery of Pereiró, Vigo

Granite and marble


Funerary sculpture ordered by filmmaker José Gil to the death of his eldest daughter María, who died of tuberculosis.

The work shows a young upright following classical models and holding in his lap flower buds, which allude to the youth, the springtime of life that Mary fondles with her left hand. Behind it lurks the figure of death, wishes to get the flowers of the young, who supports her right hand on the bony hand of the death.

The figure of the young is sculpt in marble, while The Death is of granite (except her face and extremities, realized in marble). His face is a skull of great anatomical realism, as well as his feet, showing under the mantle, also a sort tail behind that it associates this figure with the hell.

In this grave will be buried others two daughter of Don José later, it's for that reason the alteration in the monument, since in its original state had visible signature of the sculptor.

Work signed and dated on the pedestal.