Museo Provincial de Lugo (property of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía)

Polychrome wood



The portrayed is Saint Francis of Assisi in almost mystical attitude. His face is transfigured and your arms are extended for to embrace and protected to the people, designing a cross. The naked torso denotes the knowledge of anatomy by Asorey. While the sackcloth cover the low part of the body, except the feet. This fabric is sewn with rags (in this way the saint shows his poverty), in it shows the stitch. It's in these remnants where he emphasizes more the polychromy, they form a cross and in the altitude of de sex are white in allusion to the chastity. Then it appears the Franciscan cord of three knots and in the attire he wears a hood lace with leaves of bay.

On the back part appears the brother wolf on an oak in docile attitude, supporting the head in the right arm of the saint, and it balances the composition because in the left side appears the branches of the oak.

Asorey presents this work in the Exposición Nacional in 1926 (along with "Santa"). Finally he obtains the first medal, but he gives it to the front national for her melting.