Land Army, Madrid


Polychrome wood


Signed and dated

This work is an order of colonel Arias Paz for the extint Escuela de Logística of the Land Army. The wood is imported and the same Asorey is going to look for her to the port of Ferrol.

It was exhibited with great success at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

It represents St. Christopher with the Child on her left shoulder when crossing the river. The image follows a classical model with the figure in form of "S", which gives a slight dynamism, accentuated for the cane of the saint in diagonal. In the top part the composition forms a "V".

Stands out the study of the anatomy of the saint, with a aureole of thorns. He wears a green and gold-coloured apparel that covers his hip. This one is tied in the right shoulder with a strap of hide. In the part below it extends a blue cape with ochre and gold-coloured adornments, and with red lining decorated with vegetable motifs in light blue. Both garment remember to liturgical apparels.

Infant Jesus supposes a marked movement when he grips to the saint, his right arm encircles his face. His right hand is blessing while his left hand is holding the world globe. The aureole of the Child has three peaks, it's in allusion to the cross or to a

Between the legs of saint can see a landscape with a riverbed of a river.