Xesús San Luis Romero

Font of "El eco de Santiago", 1918

22´3x14, 6x´1

The cover of the first edition of this book has a
drawing of Asorey in black and white, lines marked as a vignette, influenced by
this kind of illustration.

This model, owned by Asorey, contains a handwritten poetry of the author.

To my dear and appreciated friend Francisco Asorey:

Gallego enxebre por ser de nacimento,

En Galicia tés postos os teus amores;

D´a tristura gallega os seus doores

N´o teu rostro refrexa o sentimento

Dotoute Dios de céncea e de talento

E con maña para facer primores;

N´as tuas obras, que viven, rinse as frores

E dó bravo toxal oise o lamento.

Co-a escultura sin par d´a "Picariña",

Crismada d´o mais doce galleguismo,

Tan feita, tan xeitosa, e tan cuquiña,

Qu´alentar asemella no verismo,

O teu nome co-a fama xa camiña

Riscache un ciclo n´o arte d´o enxebrismo

This poem appears also published in a newspaper of the time with a comment of the journalist that describes the following news:

"around about Paco Asorey gathered last night at "Las Crechas" a group of friends to celebrate recent artistic triumphs of the celebrated sculptor with an intimate dinner" among the guests -journalists, artists and devotee artists- it was a big waste of good humor and good conversation, reigning the
more frank and cordial fraternity.

When uncorked champagne, several accessions were read; between them contained a very loving illustrious Llorens.

He offered the agape in inspired paragraphs, Don Manuel J. Lema.

After several toasts and readings the sonnet forced of San Luis, spoke the eloquent speaker D. Narciso Correal and Freire de Andrade, who delivered an admirable speech celebrating the Galician singing the glories and splendor of our land come on the paths of art.

Mr. Correal was applauded enthusiastically

And ended so nice party, inspired by the warmth of fellowship, with brief phrases Asorey, expressing thank for the tribute".