Lalín, Pontevedra


Stone and iron

The artist plays with the different elements of nature: water as a pond where the monument stands, appears still and permanent as science. Then appear the stone pedestal completely smooth, where only appear the first surname of the wise and the words: "Science" and "virtue", summarizing his life. The ashlars are completed with iron spheres, the metal produce different sets of shadows to the sun, being an extremely effective and innovative resource.

In the statue of Don Ramón María Aller stands its psychological study, which transmits the viewer their character traits, modesty in his life, and joy, through a sketched and sweet smile that makes us think in the figure of Daniel of the Pórtico de la Gloria.
It's played with a garment folds falling symmetrically being of great effect, like the use of alternating black, white and red granite, obtaining a subtle
and elegant set natural polychrome is achieved. The figure tries to transmit hope in the convulsed contemporary culture through of its humanism, intimate, and transmitted through of gestures like the sweetness of the gesture of the hands, which are crossed to hold the astrolabe and tables, attributes that the Ripa's iconology represents to the astronomy.