Jardines del Retiro, Madrid

Ca.1930. Inaugurated in 1952


The figure represents to Columbus, pensive and looking into the distance, sitting on a stone block in which they appear carved the caravels. Between his hands holding the globe, molding it, since one sees flat still for the left side.

Remarkable is the anatomical study: hands, arms and feet reveal a much crafted anatomy, transmitting a force, almost superhuman effort and dynamism, with values ​​representing the admiral. This one is depicted wearing of the period clothing and a ample mantle lateral to his left, appearing like garlands, fitting the figure on the right part.

The monument is a tribute to Cuba, where he became equivalent to Spain. It's funded by public contributions from all parts of Spain and for building hires the best sculptors of the time; so Mariano Benlliure did the bronze figures of the base, representing exotic animals. Miguel Blay is responsible of executing the figure of Cuba that tops the monument, while Juan Cristóbal is responsible for performing a lateral (in the other is Columbus) the figure of Isabel la Católica.