Santiago. Private collection




The work is representing five canons of the Cathedral of Santiago walking and talking. They wear soutane and cloak, besides the cross of Santiago on the chest. It seems to be the authentic portraits of D. Jerónimo Coco Morante; D. Constante Amor Naveiro (parish priest of Santa María Salomé), D. Claudio Rodríguez García, D. Manuel Caeiro Sobrado and Don Ángel Amor Ruibal.

Some scholars see echoes in this work of another group "The Burghers of Calais" by Rodin; however here the hollow doesn't appear so noticeable, up a certain height the group is compact except an isolated figure, so that the play of light and the sinuosity is achieved with ripple of bodies from the waist, separating and turning in the space almost like flames.

The base is decorated with scallop shells and crosses of Santiago. Here appears the inscription "I did it in Compostela Holy Year in 1915": "Fíxenno en Compostela no Ano Santo de 1915" signed by Franco Asorey.

It's one of the first works presented in exhibitions,as in the Salón de Humoristas of Madrid in 1916 and the Exposición Rexional de Coruña in 1917.