Private collection, Santiago

Polychrome wood



Extremely pronounced oval designed to decorate a headboard.

Bas-relief polychrome wood, without stucco, it depicts to the Sacred Family, who occupies almost the entire space. Infant Jesus is the center of the scene, he's interacting with their parents due to position of his hands. The picture recalls renaissance models. Proud St. Joseph and the Virgin shows to her son, they allow that he's the protagonist of the scene. They are young figures; Virgin is almost a Child and follows the model of Asorey: blue eyes, blond hair and rosy cheeks. She wears reddish apparel and a whitish layer of strong folds and she has an aureole. St. Joseph holds the child's hand and shows us proud, turning away slightly to give more prominence and more movement to the scene. He wears apparel in shades blue and a yellow layer. On the sides appear vases of flowers for to fill the space. The vase of the Virgin is of roses, while the vase of St. Joseph has lilies.